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Lt Col A. H. Boyd

Some years ago, interest was shown in my Grandfather, Lt Col The Reverend A. H. Boyd. I have recently accessed this website, and read the discussion. The question came up as to how he won his MC. My understanding is that at Ypres, the Germans commenced to drop shells on a hospital full of wounded French and German soldiers. The French removed their wounded, but left the Germans. A French doctor remained with two Sisters of Mercy to attend the remaining about 50 wounded. The doctor, after heroic work left, and it was then that my Grandfather found them. After much work, along with the Sisters, he eventually got the remaining wounded removed, with the aid of the Red Cross, but not till nearly a third had died of further shelling and wounds.

I have replica medals of his, and a wonderful picture of him on uniform. I also have the sword he wears in the picture.

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