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picture of my Grandad when he was in france



blog-0189712001393589707.jpgI have a picture of my Grandad when he served in the great war.......It is a group picture He served i believe with the 17th Yorks & Lancs Which were a labour corp.......In the group picture there seems to be a mixed bag of regt's looking at the cap badges...I was wondering if any member's had maybe seen this picture before or could give any idea's on it.....

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From my researches into various soldiers, the Labour Corps was often where they were posted after being wounded and recovered. Many were not fully fit to go back to the infantry and the photo may reflect the fact that men from all regiments gravitated to the Labour Corps. I suspect that some regained their fitness but still never return the the infantry.


On the other hand one of my grandfathers was an RE Sapper and he always said they spend more time in the trenches than the average infantryman.



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