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Passchendaele veteran R C Sherriff's ground-breaking play JOURNEY'S END broke a ten year conspiracy of silence in 1928 at its first  'one night only' showing in London with Laurence Olivier in the lead. 


It rapidly went 'viral', showing in 30 countries and 18 different languages by the early 1930s. 


Such was its shocking but profoundly moving evocation of the realities of trench warfare, and the extraordinary relationships men formed there. A critic at the time said it was "less a play than a memorial to the dead." Sherriff himself said he did not have to create the characters: "they walked out fully-formed onto the page." 


Its Centenary revival in Ypres is a fitting Remembrance event by not-for-profit MESH Theatre Co which takes war dramas to locations where they were fought "where history speaks." 

Groups and veterans particularly welcome. Shows at 3pm daily and 7pm on Tues / Thurs / Sat.  Please see www.meshtheatre.com for more info. 

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David Filsell


Viral is a totally inappropriate term. Simply international success (matching if not exceeding All Quiet on the Western Front) would have been correct!

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I was present at yesterday's performance and I can highly recommend it.

The small room creates an atmosphere in which the audience almost feels as if it is present in the dug-out in March 1918.


Very well done!

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