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2/2nd London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)

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Does anyone, by  any chance, have any brief information on where the 2/2nd Battalion of the London Regiment was between January 1916 and June 1917. I have a soldier Edwin Palmer on the Loughborough Roll of Honour who, according to his write-up in De Ruvigny served with the BEF in France and Flanders from January 1916 onwards. He was killed at Bullecourt on 15th June 1917.


I am finding it quite difficult to establish much at all about the 2/2nd Battalion. According to The Long, Long Trail website after Gallipoli the batta\lion moved to Egypt in January 1916, then in April 1916 to France. The 2/2nd battalion was apparently disbanded in Rouen in June 1916, after which the 3/2nd battalion became the 2/2nd. So far I have failed to find anything useful in the National Archives which I might be able to purchase.


I am also unsure now which battalion Edwin Palmer was originally with, the 3/2nd or the 2/2nd.



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is this your man?

First Name: Edwin
Initials: E
Surname: Palmer
DOB: Circa 1883
Age: 34
Nationality: British
Date of Death: 15/06/1917
Rank: Corporal
Service Number: 233858


and from CWGC

Service No:
Date of Death:
London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)
2nd/2nd Bn.
Panel Reference:
Bay 9.
Additional Information:
Son of the late William Grimes Palmer, M.D., and E. Palmer, of Loughborough.


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and as "wanderpaul" pointed out to me in a different thread......


That's the Royal Fusiliers, a different Regiment to the London Regiment.


2/2nd (City of London) Battalion (Royal Fusiliers)
Formed in London in September 1914. By December 1914, had moved to Epsom Downs and Tonbridge and placed under orders of 2/1st London Brigade in 2/1st London Division.
31 December 1914 : left the Division and relieved the 1/2nd Bn in Malta.
27 August 1915 : moved to Egypt, before landing on 13 October 1915 at Cape Helles, Gallipoli, joining the 2nd Brigade in the Royal Naval Division.
January 1916 : evacuated from Gallipoli and moved to Egypt, joining the 53rd (Welsh) Division.
April 1916 : moved independently to France.
June 1916 : disbanded at Rouen, after which 3/2nd Bn was renamed 2/2nd Bn.

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Dear Jonbem,


Very many thanks for your swift reply. Yes, you have identified the right man from Loughborough.


I'm still somewhat confused about where Edwin Palmer might have been between January 1916 and June 1917, alas. I will have to have another go at looking, being more careful with the Regiment's name.



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Here are the exact movements of the 2/2nd London in 1916 ...

1st Jan - at Lemnos

18th -24th Jan - sailed from Lemnos to Alexandria, Egypt.

24th Jan - 13th April camped at Beni Souef, Egypt.

17th April - left Alexandria for France.

by 27th April in Northern France

23rd May - 2/2nd disbanded - most ranks sent to other units.


These notes come from my grandfathers diaries. When 2/2nd was disbanded he went to 12th (Rangers) London Regt - but only about 200 of the original 2/2nd went to the Rangers - I dont know which units the rest of 2/2nd went to.


Hope this helps,



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Dear Roger,


That is a magnificent help and how interesting that the information came from your grandfather's diaries. Very many thanks indeed.



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There is a War Diary for the 2/2 London Regiment from January 1917, from where they left Southampton on 21/1/1917. Arriving Le Havre on 22/1/1917. It has details of the attack on 15/6/1917 at Bullecourt. With maps too.


The diary runs through to February 1919.




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Marigold 1, the 2nd/2nd Londons began on being disbanded sent a draft of 3 officers and126 O.R.s on the 5th May to the 1st/2nd Battalion, then a large draft went to the 1st/12th,  Rangers and the 1st/16th Queen's Westminster Rifles received a draft of 233 O.R.s. As already said, 3rd/2nd Battalion was renumbered joined the new 58th (2nd/1st London) Division in the Ipswich area until July, 1916 when it moved to Sutton Veny near Warminster and remained until December,1916 training and receiving drafts and officers then at the end of January,1917 embarked to France. I hope this helps you about the battalion. Regards, John.

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