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      Animated Gifs   23/06/16

      Some   animated  GIFs  cause a problem for some users. Size and speed can make some more of a problem than others. We recognise that some active gifs  might not be a problem  but In managing the forum we have no wish to set up  a star chamber to review every moving gif.   Shortly a  future release of  the software will make it possible to allow or block all moving gifs.  On balance, despite the fact that some have been in use for a long time we have concluded that  these do not enhance the GWF, and  we accept that they cause genuine discomfort in some cases and unnecessary irritation to a number of other members. We have decided therefore that  when the software is upgraded to enable us to block the use of gifs entirely we will take that step.   Pending that, we ask all current users of such,  to respect others by either deleting or freezing these items or by using an alternate still avatar..

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