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Posted 15 August 2008 - 04:20 PM

A word of advice.....

There are three different ways you can reply to a post and each has different characteristics.

Firstly, you can click on "FastReply". This is the default option you should use for most posts but it will not allow you to use colours, smilies, post quotes or to upload pictures.

Secondly, you can click on "Reply". This will include a quotation from an earlier post into your reply. Please do not use this option unless a quote is essential.

Finally, there is the button called "AddReply". This carries no quotes but allows you full access to colours, smilies, fonts, pictures etc. Use this when you need anything more than just text.

Above all, DO NOT use the "Report" button to add a reply. This will not add to the thread but just simply send a message to the Admin Team. These messages may be ignored and you will not get a reply to your posting!