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Russian Awards for British soldiers

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#1 Deleted_igor_ost_*

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Posted 03 March 2004 - 03:08 pm

Hello !
In WWI many British soldier's was awarded Russian
st. George crosses
st. George medals
st. Anne medals
For Zeal medals .
I have all rolls from London Gazette about this awards ,
but British goverment not sent the numbers of medals back
to Russia !
Russian archives have all numbers of crosses and medals
with names of Franch soldiers !

Somebody have some information about numbers of crosses and medals ?

Halp me please !!!

I'm sorry for my bad English ......

Igor O.

#2 chris basey

chris basey


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Posted 03 March 2004 - 04:24 pm


Welcome to the Forum!

I'm afraid I can't help with the details about the Cross of St George awards but did some research on a British sergeant to whom it was awarded in 1915. I remember reading that, of the 2,000 donated by Russia, only 574 were awarded to British soldiers. As you say, it's a mystery where the rest went to.

An internet search for "Cross of St George" brings up a number of interesting sites about the medal including:


You may find some specialist, expert knowledge among the members of the Medal Collectors Forum:


Good luck!

#3 rflory



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Posted 03 March 2004 - 05:03 pm

Are you aware that there is a so-called "Confidential" list that was put out by the War Office in 1921 that was not published in the London Gazette? It contains names of hundreds of British recipients of Russian medals during the Great War. There is also an article by the former head of the British Medal Office concerning the number of awards of the various Russian medals to British recipients during the Great War in the Journal of the Orders and Medals Research Society. It includes awards from both the London Gazette and the "Confidential" List. I am at my office at the moment and don't have the particular references for either the article or the "Confidential" List but if you would like that information let me know and I will find it for you. Regards. Dick Flory

#4 Annette Burgoyne

Annette Burgoyne


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Posted 03 March 2004 - 06:56 pm

Hi Igor

I can not give you numbers from whole of British Army but can give you the following for one regiment - The King's Shropshire Light Infantry.

Order of St. Anne (1st class with swords) - one
Order of St. Vladimir (4th class with swords) - one
Cross of the order of St. George (4th class) - three
Medal of St. George (3rd class) - four
Medal of St. George (4th class) - one

If you want the names of the holders and any details I have on them, please feel free to email me or ask via this thread.


#5 Staffsyeoman



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Posted 03 March 2004 - 07:03 pm

Give me time - and a message - and I can dig out the Russian awards to the Machine Gun Corps also.

#6 Deleted_igor_ost_*

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Posted 07 March 2004 - 05:22 pm

Hello !
Thanks for all !
This information about Russian awards to Franch Soldiers
with numbers of crosses and medals

This crosses was sold in DNW-auctioner

№ 127 205 J.S.Draycott 11588 Private Notts./Derby Regiment London Gazette 25.8.1915

№ 127 234 Issy Smith VC ( Ishrolch Shmeilovitz ) 168 Sjt. Manchester Rgt LG 25.8.1915

№ 127 257 Robert Bragg 4750 Sjt. Worcester Rgt. LG 25.8.1915

№ 127 276 B. Daldry 9759 Private 1Bt. the Rifle Brigade LG 25.8.1915

№ 127 278 W. Fowler 5051 Sjt. 3Bt. Rifle Brigade LG 25.8.1915

№ 127 293 A.E. Faithfull 1059 Sjt. Royal Engineers LG 25.8.1915

Somebody have in collection awards group with Russian Crosses and medals ?

I need to know the numbers of crosses and names of recipients !!!

Somebody have the Admiralty Order # 24912 about Russian Awards
for Jutland battle ?
British sailors was recive 800 ( ? ) st.George medals
and 98 ( 103 ) st. George Crosses .

Thanks for halp !
Regards from Holy Land !

P.S. Who recive this Cross of st. George 4th class # 127181 ?
I bought this cross in England .

Igor O.

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#7 Deleted_JulieG_*

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Posted 08 March 2004 - 07:16 pm

Hi further information regarding Russian medals awarded to the British, a comrade of my Gt Uncle John Crane, Sgt Frederick Eccles of the 2nd Royal Munster Fusiliers was awarded the 4th Class of the Cross of St George.

#8 Deleted_igor_ost_*

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Posted 09 March 2004 - 07:27 am

Thank you
Do you know the number of this cross ?
Igor O.

#9 Deleted_igor_ost_*

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Posted 19 May 2004 - 08:02 am

Hello !
May-be somebody know :
wat is this medal ?
In russian archives - " soldier was awarded BRITISH BRONZE MEDAL"

Sorry for my bad English unsure.gif

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#10 Deleted_igor_ost_*

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Posted 19 May 2004 - 08:04 am

One soldier jet

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#11 Deleted_igor_ost_*

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Posted 19 May 2004 - 08:05 am

And one rolleyes.gif

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#12 Desmond7



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Posted 19 May 2004 - 08:58 am

Private Sandy Bartholomew, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, who has been made a recipient of the medal of St. George 3rd class, is the youngest son of Mr. George Bartholomew, Antrim Road, Ballymena.
Pte. Bartholomew, who was awarded the Military Medal in December last for conspicuous bravery in the field, enlisted shortly after the outbreak of war and took part with his regiment in the landing at Suvla Bay, Gallipoli. He has two brothers with the colours, Pte. Wm. Bartholomew, Army Service Corps and Pte. Jack Bartholomew, serving with the Canadian Forces.
Ballymena Observer, February 23, 1917

Is this another Russian Medallist? Does receipt of the Russian Award tie up with a MM award?
Cheers Des

#13 Deleted_stevenbec_*

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Posted 19 May 2004 - 09:34 am


If I may the following Russian awards given to Australians.

Order of St Anne

2nd Class = Five

3rd Class = Three

Medal of the Order of St Anne = Six

Order of St Stanislas

2nd class = Two

3rd class = four

Cross of St George

2nd class = one

3rd class = four

4th class = four

Medal of St George

2nd class = one

4th class = four

Hope this givens some help


#14 Igor Ostapenko

Igor Ostapenko

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Posted 15 May 2007 - 01:31 pm

Now I not igor_ost ,

Igor Ostapenko rolleyes.gif

If anybody have information about Russian soldiers awards to British Soldiers -
let me know please !!!

I need scans from documents, photos !
I need to know numbers of awards from British medals group !


Medals group of William Kenny VC from Regimental Museum
and photo from my collection

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#15 Canadawwi



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Posted 16 May 2007 - 12:25 am

I do not have any medals, however, these are extract from newspapers and other sources. These refer to Canadian with Russian Awards.

Source: Toronto Evening Telegram newspaper, April 19th, 1918:


Word has just been received at the University* that Pte. Harry Turner, who went overseas with the 1st University Company, PPCLI, was awarded the Russian Cross of St. George for "distinguished acts of bravery on the battlefield." He came to University College with class '09, but was living in Winnipeg at the time of his enlistment. While serving in France he was wounded and lost his sight on June 2nd, 1916. After being in St. Dunstan's Hospital for a time he returned to Canada last May, and in November was elected by the soldiers in France as a member of the Saskatchewan legislature. The same moth he was married to Miss Alice Moyer, formerly of Galt, but then living in Saskatoon, where they are now making their home.

*University of Toronto

Also, from the Toronto Star, February 2, 1917:

Sgt. Weeks of Vancouver Gets the Russian Order of St. George.
Canadian Associated Press Cable.

London, Feb. 1. - Grand Duke Michael of Russia has invested Sergt. H. H. Weeks of the 7th Canadian Battalion, formerly of the Vancouver police force, with the Russian Order of St. George, granted him by the Czar for bravery at Ypres.

You can look up the soldier's military attestations here (first two pages viewable online):



Finally, from the history of the Canadian National Railways and the War, these men had foreign orders. The city refers to the city they were working at or the railway depot or station. (Source: Canada's National Railways / Their Part in the War. Toronto: Canadian National Railways, 1920.)

Doherty, E. J. O. - Moncton

I think this is most likely Eugene J. Doherty, 69226, or attestation here:
Doherty - military attestation

Oulster, Gordon Dixon, Major - Winnipeg
Attestation: Attestation - Major Oulster

ST. GEORGE's CROSS awarded to:
Ponomarenke, W. - Hanna (Wounded)

I believe this is William Ponomarenko, 69661, of Hanna, who was born in Nicholsk, Russian Empire, according to his military attestation which is here.

#16 Jacksmum



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Posted 17 May 2007 - 08:33 am

Order of St Stanislaus (2nd Class)

Engineer Commander C.H.A. Bermingham Royal Navy

Order of St Anne (3rd Class)

Assistant Paymaster H.C.N. Foot Royal Navy
Paymaster J.B. Shettle Royal Navy

Order of St Vladimir (4th Class)
Sub Lieutenant A.W. Southam Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve

I do not have medal numbers, only these names.


#17 Igor Ostapenko

Igor Ostapenko

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Posted 18 May 2007 - 09:22 am

Thank you for all !

(Officers awards was without numbers, only st. George crosses and medals )

#18 edwin astill

edwin astill


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Posted 18 May 2007 - 07:49 pm

Some awards from various reference works if it is of help:

Russian Honours and Awards

From ‘The 25th Division in France and Flanders’ Lt. Col. M Kincaid-Smith

Order of St. Anne 3rd Class
Lt. Col. E.M. Birch, GSO1 25th Division

Cross of St. George 4th Class
15153 Pte. T. Nuttall, 8th Loyal North Lancashire Regt.

Medal of St. George 1st Class
4918 RSM T.V.W. Roberts, 2nd South Lancashire regt.

Medal of St. George 3rd Class
5822 Rfn A. Mills, 2nd Royal Irish Rifles

Medal of St. George 4th Class
64173 Gunner B Beddow, Royal Field Artillery

From Stack’s ‘The Worcestershire Regiment in the Great War’

8917 Pte F. Baker – Medal of St. George (Gazette 25/8/15)
4750 Sgt R. Bragg – Cross of St. George (25/8/15)
11141 L/Cpl T. Chance – Medal of St. George (25/8/15)
9476 Pte J. Danks – Medal of St. George (25/8/15)
5/8811 Cpl A.S. Gillard - Medal of St. George (15/5/15)
5484 Sgt A. Haggitt – Medal of St George 25/8/15)
3297 Pte J. Hayes – Order of St. George (25/8/15) (? Order)
Capt C. H. Inwood – Order of St. Anne (14/12/18)
11323 Pte J.W.E. Jones – Medal of St. George (25/8/15)
13087 Pte F.H.Key – Medal of St. George (25/8/15)
9065 Pte W.T. Malone – Medal of St. George (25/8/15)
9917 Pte W. Mansell – Cross of St. George (25/8/15)
9940 Cpl. G.T. Matthews – Medal of St. George (25/8/15)
4438 CSM A. Mayston – Cross of St. George (25/8/15)
21543 Pte T. Snow – Medal of St. George (25/8/15)
2529 Pte H. Tibbetts – Cross of St. George (15/2/17)
9146 Pte F. Ware – Medal of St. George (25/8/15)
Capt. T.H. Watson – Order of St. Stanislas (1/1/17)
8245 L/Cpl J.C. Wooton – Cross of St. George (25/8/15)

Wondered why so many were gazetted on 25/8/15



#19 Canadawwi



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Posted 01 April 2008 - 01:10 am

CAMPBELL James Joseph

Died as POW. There is a newspaper article about him on the CVM listing (see link below)

24583. Awarded Medal of St. George, 1st Class, Russia.



Named on Menin Gate

Died May 26, 1915.


#20 PFF



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Posted 03 April 2008 - 01:38 pm

On THe Aerodrome is a listing of 6 Russian Medals:
Try clicking on each medal to see if any awarded to English airmen. wink.gif

#21 corisande



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Posted 09 April 2012 - 11:32 am

Old thread I found when researching H H Weeks of CEF. I found this interesting news article - awards presented by Grand Duke Michael of Russia and a Russian General in full uniform

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