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Francis T Brooks - R.G.A

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#1 PrincessDonna



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Posted 14 July 2010 - 02:34 pm

Hello Everyone

I posted on here not long back regarding my great grandfather and wanting to know somemore information. I have managed to get in touch with his son, who is 92 years old (my great uncle) and he has given me some more information, but he said it is only what he has known all these years since his father serving in the R.G.A. Here's the information I have:

Name: Francis Thomas Brooks
Regiment: R.G.A
Regimental No: 23286
Signed up: Pembroke R.G.A on 2nd August 1905 aged 22 years old
Born: Drontwich, Worcester
Rank: Gunner
Medal's: British War Medal & Victory Medal
Campaigns: Expeditionary Force to West Africa 28/05/1916
Educated: Duke of York's Royal Military School, Royal Hibernian Military School
Military History Sheet: Aden - 13/01/1906 - 28/12/1906
India - 29/12/1906 - 30/01/1907
Home - 31/01/1907 - 20/01/1908
India - 21/01/1908 - 05/02/1914
Home - 06/02/1914 - 16/05/1916
Passage Sierra Leone - 17/05/1916 - 27/05/1916
Sierra Leone - 28/05/1916 - 24/05/1917
Passage U.K - 25/05/1917 - 11/06/1917
Home - 12/06/1917 - 19/11/1917
B.E.F - 20/11/1917 - 27/12/1918
Home - 28/12/1918 - 30/01/1919 (Discharged)

I was wandering if anyone has anymore information, what so ever on my great grandfather and also if anyone know's what depot he was in, my great uncle said he thinks he was in No3 Depot (Heavy &Siege) Plymouth....He didn't die in WW1 and he was never injured for what we know of, but he did catch malaria whilst away and then he was discharged on 30/01/1919 and didn't serve in WW2.

I would love to know some more information, maybe photo's...? I heard there is a Royal Artillery museum, where they can give you a list of names of who served with them and some photo's etc...but don't know where it is based?

Donna x

#2 daggers



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Posted 14 July 2010 - 03:25 pm

The RA Museum is at Woolwich and goes under the name of Firepower. I do not know about any personal or unit records, but you seem to have a lot already. They may have photos relevant to your ancestor's service, and I wish you success.

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Posted 14 July 2010 - 04:20 pm

They will most definately not have any service records, they aren't held at the museum, you need the National Archives at Kew for that. There is a vast photo collection at Woolwich, but I couldn't say whether any will be relevant to your Grand father. Try e-mailing the librarian on research@firepower.org.uk he will be able to tell you what they have or haven't got.

Good luck


#4 PrincessDonna



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Posted 14 July 2010 - 06:00 pm

Thank you both

Thanks for the email address, I will email them


#5 kevrow



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Posted 14 July 2010 - 07:41 pm


There are few men with such good records, which I assume is where you have gathered all your information. I am not sure whether you have seen all the deatils. I read them as follows;
mobilised from reserve to 18 Company, Sheerness 5-8-1914
to Heavy Depot, Woolwich 16-10-1914
to 15 Siege Coy 16-1-1915
to 18 Coy, Sheerness, 13-3-1915
to Citadel, Plymouth 25-4-1915
to 50 Coy, Sierra Leone
to 38 Coy, Plymouth 4-8-1917
to Re-enforcing Depot (possibly Bexhill)19-10-1917
BEF, only one reference I can see of a unit he probably served with which is 293 Siege Battery
Discharged from 94th Brigade

Good luck with Firepower..lol


#6 ororkep



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Posted 15 July 2010 - 12:39 pm


I had missed the reference to 293 on my first look, but confirm all Kevinís findings on my second through his service records.
The well hidden reference to 293 and the one for 94 Brigade firmly place him in Italy for the last campaign of his service abroad, presumably 'BEF' referring to when he joined 293 in France, the month before they embarked for Italy in Dec 1917.
Do you have any photographs of him at all?

Rgds Paul

#7 seany



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Posted 17 August 2010 - 10:46 am

My Grandfather also served in 293 SB. I am very keen to identify his possible comrades, did you have a photograph of him?

#8 seany



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Posted 30 December 2010 - 06:09 pm

It says that Princess Donna cannot receive PM's, I suspect too few posts and more than likely will never read this but hey ho, worth a try.

I am steadily identifying all the men who served in 293 SB RGA with my grandfather. Your great grandfather was one. I realise it could be taken as an imposition but ask if you have a photograph that you could share to put a face to the name. I have battery photographs from the time of the Austrian armistice when they were in Italy and I'm willing to send copies to you as no doubt your man is on them.