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War Diaries

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Posted 14 October 2013 - 01:36 pm

Can  anyone  help  me with a  charitable project I am involved in for the Centenary of the Great  War.  I  need  to   know  the locations  of  the  following regiments  etc,  for  the  dates  shown. It  would  be  helpful  if  any  member  of  the  forum  had  War  Diaries  for  these  months  so that  I  could  have  a  copy.


17th  Battery,  41st  Brigade,  Royal  Field  Artillery.            March  and  April  1918.

9th  Company,  The  Machine  Gun  Corp.                           September  1917.

22nd  Company,  The  Machine  Gun  Corp                         October  1917.

111th  Siege  Battery,  Royal   Garrison  Artillery.                June  1917.

147th  Heavy  Battery,  Royal  Garrison  Artillery.                August  and  September  1918.

21st Battalion,  The  Manchester  Regiment.                       May  1917

21st Battalion,  The  Manchester  Regiment.                       October  1917.

1st  Batalion,  The  North  Staffordshire  Regiment.             June  1916.

1st  Battalion,  The  North  Staffordshire  Regiment.            May  1917.

73rd  Field  Company,  Royal  Engineers.                            September  1915.

54th  Company,  The  Machine  Gun  Corp.                         May  and  June  1917.

10th  Battalion,  The  Rifle  Brigade.                                     May  1917.

53rd  Battalion,  The  Machine  Gun  Corp.                           November  1918

9th  Battalion,  The  Welsh  Regiment.                                 May  1918.

O,  Battery,  5th  Brigade,  Royal  Horse  Artillery.                July  1918.

274th  Siege  Battery,  Royal  Garrison  Artillery.                  October  and  November  1918.

112th  Heavy  Battery,  Royal  Field  Artillery.                       January  1917.


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Posted 14 October 2013 - 02:14 pm

10th Rifle Brigade 1917 - the R.B Chronicle has very little to report for May 1917 - " During May the Battalion carried out three tours of trench duty in the vacinity of HAVRINCOURT WOOD and south of LAGNICOURT".



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John Hartley


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Posted 14 October 2013 - 02:41 pm

I’ve got the battalion history for 21st Manchesters.

It indicates they were in the line at Croisilles at the beginning of May, going into camps at Bagchnie and Mory between the 4th and 11th. They were back in action at Bullecourt between the 11th and 16th. Then to camp at Achiet le Petit for the remainder of the month.

In October, they were in action near Polygon Wood between the 2nd & 6th. They then spent most the rest of the month in various camps before returning to action south of the Menin Road on the 26th. They were relived the next day and moved to a camp at Ebblinghem.

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Posted 14 October 2013 - 04:39 pm



There are no official war diaries covering the periods you seek for three of the RGA batteries nor names mentioned. But for your Congleton men the battery positions were:

For Sgt Carter, 111 SB was positioned at Plogsteert

Lancaster re 112 HB (RGA not RFA) Q16a.5.5 vicinity of Beaumont Hamel

Re Johnson of 274 SB, battery gun positions were at Bermerain from 25.10.18.

And ref Fitzgerald, 147 HB were at U3d.8.9 (Sheet 51B) having pushed forward from Tilloy in preparation for supporting an attack on the Queant-Drocourt Line, but his death was the result of a premature.







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Posted 15 October 2013 - 01:19 pm

Many thanks to you all, the information as given me a good starting point.