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Jon lee

Appeal for photos of Brit Officers Attached to Jodhpur State Forces

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Dear All,

A friend in India has been working on a history of the Jodhpur State Forces for several years now but and has asked me to try and find photos of the many British Special Service Officers that have been attached to them over the years. After several days in the National Army Museum I am now left with still having to find photos of the following individuals. ( For the time being I don’t have any more days free to visit the British Library so can’t verify those possibles below.) I shall post this appeal on a few forums and in The Durbar. Anything any of you can do to help with finding photos or pointing out glaring omissions in their subsequent careeers would be so appreciated (and acknowledged in thebook). After these appeals I guess it’s Genes Reunited. Many Many Thanks. Jon

Maj. James Gibbon Turner: 4th Bengal Lancers

Probable photograph in British Library MSS Eur D 1114/3 (Brigadier McCallum’s album of the China Expeditionary Force 1900-1901

Born: 24 August 1859

1st Commission 18 Dec 1878 Royal Artillery

Appointed Indian Army 27 Mar 1881, 4th Bengal Lancers

Inspector General of Artillery in India in 1895

Governor General’s Bodyguard – Capt and Adjt 1895; as Maj and Commandant 1896-98

Appointed Inspecting Officer of Imperial Service Troops, 23 July 1898,

Accompanied Sir Pratb Singh (who was ADC to HRH Prince of Wales) to England for the 1897 Jubilee procession.

Completed tenure 23 July 1903, Rajputana and Rampur Cavalry

Risalpur Cavalry Brigade 1912 as Maj Gen

Major General 5 February 1914

Retired 7 June 1919 Maj Gen CB

Maj Addington Dawsonne Strong : 10 Bengal Lancers (Hodsons Horse)

Possible photos in British Library: 448/7 (59 & 71) Capt Strong at Asilpur, Rajasthan c.1907

Born: 13 March 1875

Date of 1st Commission: 16 Jan 1895

Appointed Indian Army: 27 July 1896

Appointed Squadron Officer: 4 Dec 1899

3 June 1918 CO (Bt. Lt. Col.) of 1st Battalion 151st Sikh Infantry

NW Frontier of India 1897-98- Buner- Tanga Pass-medal with clasp

The War of 1914-21 France and Belgium, 17 Sept 1914-25 June 1918. Wounded. Despatches London Gazette, 1 Jan, 16 and 28 Dec, 17 and 28 May 1918. Brevet of Lt.-Col D.S.O.

Operations in Mesopotamia between 7 May 1918 and 25 June.

Afghanistan, N-W Frontier 1919 Despatches London Gazette , 3 Aug 1920

Capt. Eustace Lockhart Maxwell: 11th Bengal Lancers

No photo yet

Born: 6 Jan 1878

Date of 1st Commission: 24 Jan 1900 Devonshire Regiment

Appointed Indian Army: 2 July 1900

South African War, 1900-01.Operations in Natal, April-June 1900 operations in the Transvaal, East of Pretoria, Aug-29 Nov 1900 including actions at Belfast (26, 27 Aug 1900), Lydenberg (5-8 Sept 1900)- Medal with 3 clasps

Squadron Officer, and Temporary Capt. Probyn’s Horse 1902-09

Temporary Major 20 Jan 1916

Author of ‘ A History of the XI King Edward’s Own Lancers (Probyn’s Horse) Published by AC Curtis Ltd., Guildford1941

Lt. Col. Philip Francis Gell: 14th Bengal Lancers

Possible photo in British Library MSS Eur D1196/31() Album of groups and parades 14th Murrays Jat Lancers c.1920

Born:6 March 1880

1st Commission: 21 April 1900 Manchester Regiment.

S. African War, 1900.-Served in Mediterranean. Medal

Appointed Indian Army: 12 April 1902 Sq. Officer 23 April 1902

Temporary Major 21 April 1916

1914-9, France and Belgium 8 Sept 1914-19 Mar 1918.

With Jodhpur Lancers in 15th (Imperial Service) Cavalry Brigade in Egypt 1918

Egyptian Expeditionary Force 29 Mar 1918-31 Oct 1918 Despatches. London Gazette,

5 June 1919. D.S.O for Haifa

Retired 1919.

Lieut. William Chubb: 36th Jacobs Horse

No photo yet

Born:24 Mar 1882

Date of 1st Commission: 8 Jan 1915

Operations in the Aden Field Force, 5-19 July 1915.

Attached Lieut. IARO 24 Oct 1915

France and Belgium 2 Aug 1915-29 Mar 1918.

Egyptian Expeditionary Force 7 Apr -31 Oct 1918

Captain IARO 24 April 1929

Maj. Alban John Reynolds: 37th Lancers

Photo :NAM 1963-09-192 photo 10, is a group of unnamed South Staffs officers c.1900 and perhaps he is in this. (The Staffordshire Regiment Museum have named photos.

Born: 19 Jan 1881 Tasmania, Australia

Served in the ranks of the 23rd Tasmanian Contingent Oct 1899-May 1900

Commissioned in 1st Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment 19 May 1900

Served in the Boer War – the advance to Kimberly-Nov 1901

Posted to India and service with 15th Lancers in March 1902

Captain in the 37th Lancers (Baluch Horse) 1909.

Employed with the Egyptian Army in July 1914. In the Sudan he served in operations against the Jebel Miri in Kaduga District, Nuba Mountain Province, March-July 1915 and was mentioned in despatches London Gazette 5th October 1916. (Khedive’s Sudan 1910-22 clasp Miri)

Advanced to Major 1st Sept 1915 and served in India Mar –Oct 1916: France, Oct 1916-Feb 1918, and with the Egyptian Expeditionary Force Mar 1918-Feb 1919.

With Jodhpur Lancers in 15th (Imperial Service) Cavalry Brigade in Egypt 1918

Appointed a Squadron Commander in the 37th Lancers in Sept 1918 and was posted as Acting Lieu. Col. and Senior Service Officer with the Jodhpur Lancers in Palestine in Dec 1918. Mentioned in despatches London Gazette 5 Jun 1919.

2nd in Command of 4th Duke of Cambridge’s Own Lancers (Hodson’s Horse) Jan 1925.

Lt.-Col. May 1926.

Appointed Commandant 15 Feb 1928.

Served on North West Frontier 1930. ( India General Service Medal 1908-35, clasp NW Frontier 1930-31).

Died 6 Sept 1930.

Lieut. Austen Bertram Knight: 4th Cavalry

No photo yet

Born: 29 Mar 1897

Date of 1st Commission: 17 Mar 1915

Appt. Indian Army: 10 May 1915

Squadron Officer 7 Mar 1916

France 10 Feb 1917-17 Mar 1918

With Jodhpur Lancers in 15th (Imperial Service) Cavalry Brigade in Egypt 1918

Egyptian Expeditionary Force 29 Mar-21Nov 1918 Spec. Serv. Officer, Jodhpur, I.S.

LrsMilitary Cross (LG 8 Mar 1919)

Citation (LG 4 Oct 1919)

Acting Major as Second Senior Special Services Officer 25 Dec 1918 – Jan 25 1919

Maj. (S.U.L, 9 Sep 1935) 2nd Royal Lancers.

A.D.C., 1 Apr 1925-25 Nov 1927.

GSO2, 24 Aug 1940

Lieut. Cyril Drummond LeGros Clark: 34th Cavalry

No photo yet

Born: 20 May 1894

Date of 1st Commission:20 Apr 1915

Appt. Indian Army: 24 Jun 1917

Appt. Sq. Officer. 34th Cavalry 20 Apr 1919

Attached. Staff Captain Bangalore Bde Area

Maj Alexander Baird Skinner DSO, OBE: 5th Cavalry,

Possible photo in British Library: 592/2 (100) in group of Imperial Cadet Corps at 1911 Delhi Durbar as Capt and Adjt

Born: 13 Oct 1879

Date of 1st Commission: 25 Jan 1899

Appointed to Indian Army: 15 Apr 1900

Capt and Squadron Officer 25 Jan 1908

Chief Instructor & Assistant Commandant. Senior Officers School Belgaum

Captain and Adjutant of Imperial Cadet Corps at Delhi Durbar 1911

DSO LG 28 Dec 1917

Col. 3rd Cavalry 19 Jun 1927,

Retired 3 Mar 1931

Maj Guy Rutherford Prescott Wheatley: 27th Light Cavalry

No photo yet

Born: 12 May 1875

1st Commission: 20 Feb 1895 Royal Norfolk Regiment

Appointed Indian Army: 30 0ct 1897

Major, 2nd in Command 27th Light Cavalry 20 Jun 1916

Mentioned in despatches London Gazette 28 May 1918

With Jodhpur Lancers in 15th (Imperial Service) Cavalry Brigade in Egypt 1918

Lt-Col. 20 Feb 1921 16th Light Cavalry

Retired 20 Feb 1924

Maj Robert George Antony Trail: Guides Cavalry

No photo yet

Born:11 Dec 1879

Date of 1st Commission: 20 Jan 1900

Appointed to Indian Army: 20 April 1901 Queens Own Corps of Guides (Lumsdens)

Capt. 1 May 1902

Served NW Frontier of India 1908 Operations in the Mohmand Country, (medal with clasp.) Post Staff Officer Galanai.

Delhi Durbar 1911

Temporary Major 20 Jan 1916

Killed in action, France, 1 Dec 1917

Capt Frederick Owen Maynard: Royal Army Veterinary Corps

No photo yet

25 Sept 1914 Temporary Lieutenant

25 Sept 1915 Temporary Captain

Veterinary Officer

With Jodhpur Lancers in 15th (Imperial Service) Cavalry Brigade in Egypt 1918

Brigade veterinary Officer Mentioned in Despatches

Does not appear in Indian Army Lists after 1919


Maj Frank Dennis Clarke: 8th Gurkha Rifles

(For a photo, may have to try writing to 8 Gorkha Rifles Regimental Centre in Shillong, Meghalaya)

Born: 28 Aug 1898

1st Commission: 21 Dec 1917 Devonshire Regiment

France and Belgium 13 Apr 1918 – 11 Nov 1918 French War Cross. Military Cross

Appointed Indian Army:20 Dec 1927 8th Gurkha Rifles

S.C. 11 July 1928 – 22 Dec 1928

Promoted to Major 21 Dec 1935

Senior Special Service Officer ISF 9 Sep 1939 – 6 Oct 1939

Special Service Officer ISF 7 Oct 1939 – 28 July 1940

Senior Special Service Officer ISF 29 July 1940

Senior Service Officer of JSI during WW2

Commanding Officer 2nd /8th Gurkha Rifles 15th March 1941-25 Dec 1943 Lt. Col. O.B.E. M.C.

OBE LG 4 June 1946 as Colonel (temporary) (I.A.279), 8th Gurkha Rifles

2nd Lt. Philip William John Crosland: 15th Punjab Rifles

(For a photo,may have to try writing to Punjab Regimental Centre, Mardan, Pakistan )

Born: 30 July 1917

Date of 1st Commission: 15 November 1939 (15th Punjab Rifles ?)

Special Service Officer, Jodhpur Sardar Infantry 1939

Acting Lieutenant. 21 Oct 1940, War Service Lietenant 14 Nov 1940;

Acting Captain 4 June 1940-13 Nov and 24 – 31 Jan 1941; Temporary Capt 14 Nov 1940-31 Jan 1941 & 28 Oct 1941;

Acting Major 24 Jan 1941

Hon Capt (EC 150), 18th Oct. 1946,

Brigadier Ronald Cardew Duncan CIE MVO OBE: 9th Gurkha Rifles

(For a photo as Maj Gen may have to try writing to 9th Gorkha Rifles Regimental Centre in Varanasi, UP)

I have written to The Gurkha Museum, Winchester to try and get a photo of him in the 2nd GR c.1920

Photo:NAM 7309-39-5 Page 1 photo 3 - of Capt RC Duncan, 9th Gurkha Rifles taken Samana 1914

Born: 9 Sep 1886

Date of 1st Commission: 5 Aug 1905

Appointed Indian Army:4 Dec 1906

NW Frontier of India, 1908- Operations in the Zakka Khel Country. Medal with clasp.

1914-19 War:

Mentioned in despatches, London Gazette 27 Aug 1918 and 19 Jan 1920.

Brevet Major 13 May 1919 GSO. 2nd Gurkha Rifles

Maj Gen and Commandant of Jodhpur State Forces during WW2

Lieutenant-Colonel M.V.O., O.B.E., Brigadier in and Commandant, Jodhpur State Forces. LG 13 June 1946

Author of History Of The Jodhpur State Forces In The War 1939-45”(Jodhpur Government Press 1946)

Lt .Col. Harry Buston Rogers: 5th Mahratta Light Infantry

(For Photo may have to try writing to Maharatha Light Infantry Regimental Centre in Belgaum [Karnataka ??]

Born: 14 Feb 1893

Date of 1st Commission: 5 May 1917

Egyptian Expeditionary Force 31 May 1918 – 11 Nov 1918

S.S.O. 24 July 1921 – 13 April 1922

1936 Major Senior Special Service Officer Hyderabad Infantry

North West Frontier 1936-37 Mentioned in despatches London Gazette 18 Feb 1938

Special Services Officer ISF 19 Sept 1939 – 23 Oct 1939

Senior Special Services Officer ISF 24 Oct 1939

Acting Lt-Col. 24 Oct 1939- 23 Jan 1940

Commanding Officer JSI 2 Mar 1942-2 Jun 1944

Lt.- Col. 1 Jan 1944

Lt. Col. Cecil Alan Swinton Melville: 6th (5th?) Rajputana Rifles

(For photomay have to try writing to Rajputana Rifles Regimental Museum, Rajputana Rifles Centre, Delhi)

Born: 26 June 1906

Date of 1st Commission: 4 Feb 1926

Appt Indian Army: 24 March 1926

Capt 4 Feb 1935

Acting.Maj, 31 Jan 1941; Temporary Maj., 1 Feb-17 June 1941

Commanding Officer JSI 2 Jun 1944-27 Mar 1945?

But note that “Memoir of Service with 5th Battalion Rajputana Rifles in Assam, Burma and Java, 1942-1946”, by Lt Col CAS Melville; with notes on his military career, 1925-1946 (Typed by ICS Melville Feb 1998; NAM Archive 1999-03-144) states:

2nd in Command 5th Rajputana Rifles Jun 1941 (attached 2nd Northumberland Fusiliers) and that all his service from March 1942 – Oct 1946 was in Burma and Indonesia with 5th RR and makes no mention of 6th RR nor Jodhpur Sardar Infantry.

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