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Avignon 2018 ww1 military camp reenactment

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Hello everyone, i post here the date of a big ww1 military reenactment camp.

 This camp will be at the city of Avignon the 13 june at the 17 june 2018.


This event is make in south of france, for all association of ww1 reenactment of south of france, have the possibility to honor the ww1 soldiers.

you will find, french reenactor and german, and italian, an polish reenactor.


during this event, the british and french army and german army will be honor.


I post here the link of the facebook, of the organizer of this event. if if you are reenactor and you want to participate, contact him, because you need to be register because we shall pay your expenses

the dead line will take place on  Saturday 30th  SEPTEMBER 2017


the facebook link of mister Thomas Grobon organizer of the event : 



i hope my english was good 


i wish a good day 


best wishes



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