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58 Brigade RFA 3rd Ypres

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I would like to resolve an anomaly over the date of death Cpl Leslie Grosvenor Hodgkinson 20981.  His CWGC entry gives k-i-a 28 July 1917.

His army effects report gives the date of death 2 Aug 1917.  

He was in B Bty, 58 Bde RFA, 11 Div.  The August date fits with when 11 Div came into 3rd Ypres. 

The 58 Bde RFA diary is missing from the National Archives.  Does anyone have or know where I might find a copy?

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David Porter

Well, the CRA and 59th Brigade RFA diaries are also missing at that point. However, turning to the Adjutant and Quartermaster General in WO 95/1793, there is noted 1 killed and 4 wounded from 58th Brigade RFA from noon July 27, 1917 - noon July 28, 1917 then 4 Killed and 9 wounded from 58th Brigade RFA from noon August 2, 1917 - noon August 3, 1917. So you need to go back to CWGC to locate the other casualties from the brigade on those days.

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David - Thats muddied the waters! 

CWGC have 3 Dead 27-28 July which could include some of the wounded died in the medical chain

and               2 Dead 2-3 August

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Just in case it helps these are the others killed:


Gnr Ashman, C           11172                        “A” Bty   Vlamertinghe New British

Bmdr French, E J       97362                        “C” Bty    Lijssenthoek


28/07/17    or 02/08/17?

Gnr Hodkinson, LG    20981                        “B” Bty    Ypres Menin Gate



Gnr Westacott, J         89572                        “B” Bty    New Irish Farm

Gnr Sheppard, T        135349                        “B” Bty    Ypres Menin Gate


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David Porter

Army Registers of Soldiers' Effects has:


11172 Charles Ashman of A/58 Killed in Action on July 27, 1917

97362 Edward John French of C/58 Died at 10 CCS on July 27, 1917 (Died of Wounds ??)

20981 Leslie G Hodkinson of B/58 Killed in Action on August 2, 1917

89572 James Westacott of B/58 Killed in Action July 28, 1917 (28 crossed with 2, indicating July 2, 1917 !!!) more likely August 2, 1917

135349 Thomas Sheppard of B/58 Killed in Action on August 2, 1917

also 211650 Frederick J Oakford of A/58 Killed in Action on August 3, 1917


I'm leaning towards August 2, 1917 being the date for Leslie G Hodkinson, as others in B/58, and one of the 4 Killed in Action that period. Charles Ashman being the one Killed in Action on July 27/28, 1917. I think we are lucky the casualty figures are fairly accurate as some diaries can be extremely erratic.


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just a couple of details to add to what David Porter has already very helpfully said.  Yes, the diary for 58th Bde for 1 Jul - 31 Aug is missing - sadly this is not the only missing part of the war diary for this unit which makes tracing its movements very difficult.


Throughout this period, 11th (Northern) Div was part of XVIII Corps (of 5th Army) which would at least give you a vague sense of its location during that phase of 3rd Ypres.


You can also take some sense of where they were by the locations of the burials of those who died at that time:


Gnr Charles Ashman (11172) is buried in the Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery,


Bdr Edward John French ((97362) is buried in the Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery.


Gnr Leslie Grosvenor Hodgkinson (20981) and Gnr Thomas Sheppard (135349) are commemorated on the Menin Gate memorial. 


Gnr James Westacott (89572) is buried in the New Irish Farm Cemetery.


Gnr George Meadley MM (10602) is buried in Dozinghem Military Cemetery.


Dvr Frederick John Oakford (211650) is buried in La Belle Alliance Cemetery. 


I imagine you already know he following about Gnr Hodgkinson, but in case it is helpful:  as you point oit his MIC says he was a Cpl at the time he died, whereas the CWGC give him as a Gnr.  He was aged 23 when he died.  He was born on St Andrew's Day, 1893, and was the son of Charles Grosvenor Hodgkinson and Mary A. Hodgkinson, of Billingborough, Lincs.   His address at the time of his death was 14 Mansfield Grove.  He had been confirmed at All Saints, Raleigh Street, Nottingham in 1912 and was a regular communicant there.   His parents gave a stained glass window as a memorial to him (a three-light window in the east side of the lady chapel, the centre light constituting the memorial) to St Andrew's Church, Billingborough, Lincs. after he died.


Good luck with your research - and please do let us know if you find out more.




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