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I'm doing a PhD on Great war commemoration and would ideally like to include a photograph of a Canadian war memorial. I'm hoping someone here will be prepared to help me out. There are a few criteria though. Firstly, it needs to be a soldier figure. It also needs to be a 'local' memorial - ie not a regimental one. The main point is that it needs to have something which makes it specific to Canada - for example the soldier's uniform could feature a maple leaf badge. The specifically Canadian element should be fairly obvious in the picture. The photo also really needs to be quite good quality - good enough to reproduce in the thesis.

The photo would only be used in my thesis and not published elsewhere so there are no copyright issues, and although I can't afford to offer any financial reward, I'm more than happy to acknoledge the photographer in the thesis.

If anyone wants any further info then feel free to PM me.

Fingers crossed...!


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I have quite a few photographs of local Canadian war memorials that you could use.

I'll attach two examples. The problem with the soldier figures and the Canadian identification is that from the distance a photograph is taken - the Canadian insignia are usually not visible so the statue looks like any other British statue.

In the case of these two photographs - you can see the Canadian maple leaf on the monument.

Email me if you are interesting in using them, or if you would like me to look for something else.

The photo below is the Oshawa War Memorial, located in downtown Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. (image removed to save space, contact me for a copy)

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Thanks for these - this is the sort of thing I'm looking for.

I take your point in relation to the bits which would make a memorial Canadian being small. I take it there is no particular part of the uniform which is Canadian specific - like the New Zealander's lemon squeezer hat?


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I take your point in relation to the bits which would make a memorial Canadian being small. I take it there is no particular part of the uniform which is Canadian specific - like the New Zealander's lemon squeezer hat?

If a memorial existed with the statue wearing a 7-button tunic or brandishing the trusty Ross rifle, then you might be in luck. The cardboard boots that disintegrated in Salisbury mud would be specific also.

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You might use someone's photo of the Maple leaf graffiti drawn in the tunnel at Vimy ... I don't have one ... but it's GOT to exist and would suit you very well ...

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Canadawwi - I've been thinking about the pictures you posted - can you clarfiy what the symbol is immediately below the soldier figure in the photo from Gananoque? It's a really nice photo and I like the fact that a Canadian flag is visible in the background. Could be the one I'm looking for!

Many thanks,


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One more to choose from - this has a better view of the Canadian flag.

This is the Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada - WWI War Memorial. I also have an early postcard from the unveiling of this memorial.

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Chris Wight posted a memorial pic not so long ago .. I'm nearly sure it had a ross rifle .. the bayonet was of the shorter pattern too.


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Marika - have just sent you a PM



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Bill Alexander

Canadawwi, Odd selection of badges for the Gananoque memorial. The 257th Bn became a Canadian Railway Troops battalion, the 7th and served in France under that designation. This battalion was headquartered in Montreal and recruited from several areas, I believe along the railway mainlines on the Toronto / Montreal axis. Do you know why the 257th was selected for inclusion on the memorial?

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I'm sorry Bill - I don't know why the 257th badge was included on the Gananoque memorial. I have looked up the names, and I did not see the 257th mentioned on any of the attestations, therefore now I also wonder why the memorial's planners included this unit. I am attaching a copy of the insignia included on another side of the war memorial.

Perhaps someone will be able to explain this based on their numbers. Here are the names I was able to locate. The unit quoted is the unit at time of death. The date quoted is the date of death.

Gananoque Ontario War Dead

Adair, Harold, Pte, 20th Batt., 835524, Aug. 8, 1918

Baker, Peter Thomas, Pte, 2nd Batt. EOR, 639567, Jul. 24, 1917

Bowyer, George, Pte, 75th Batt. COR, 219534, Nov. 18, 1916

Britton, Russell Hubert, Lt Col, CFA, , May 2, 1917, DSO, MID

Brown, William Elmer, Lt , RAMC, , May 18, 1918

Brown, Harry W, Pte, 10th Batt. Alberta Regt., 226353, Aug. 16, 1917, Victoria Cross

Calvert, Hugh, Pte, 18th Batt. WOR, 226535, Jan. 3, 1917

Compeau, Sandford, Gnr, CFA, 300039, Aug. 31, 1917

Cowan, Alonzo, Gnr, CFA, 40629, Sept. 4, 1916

Dailey, William Edward, Pte, 4th Batt. COR, 455068, Sept. 7, 1916

Davis, Frederick Leonard, Pte, PPCLI, 1042367, Sept. 28, 1918

Davis, George Houghton, Corp., Cdn Engineers, 93506, Apr. 30, 1916

Deir, William, LC, 10th Batt. Alberta Regt., 20765, Apr. 23, 1915

Dempster, William John, Sgt, 21st Batt. EOR, 59253, Sept. 15, 1916

Drummond, James, Gnr, CFA, 40756, Aug. 8, 1920

Eastwood, Joseph Ernest, Pte, 38th Batt. EOR, 639424, Sept. 6, 1918

Fletcher, Frederick, Pte, 58th Batt. EOR, 226834, Sept. 30, 1918

Flynn, Martin James, Pte, 2nd Batt. EOR, 639438, Aug. 9, 1918

Garrah, William, Pte, 2nd Batt. EOR, 455066, Sept. 13, 1916

Gibbons, Ellis James, LS, 43rd Batt., 152423, Aug. 8, 1918

Glover, Frederick, Pte, 31st Batt., 79576, Apr. 10, 1917

Grundy, James, Pte, 38th Batt. EOR, 640238, Jun. 27, 1917

Haynes, Brenton, Pte, 75th Batt. COR, 220449, Nov. 18, 1916

Kinnier, John, Pte, 38th Batt. EOR, 640161, Oct. 30, 1917

Leakey, John, Pte, Royal Cdn Regt, 455795, Sept. 16, 1916

Landon, Ivan Adelbert, Pte, 52nd Batt., 152522, Oct. 12, 1916

Lucy, Robert, Gnr, CFA, 40755, Oct. 2, 1916

McKiel, Rolfe, 2nd Lt, RAF, , Sept. 6, 1918

Moss, Stanley, Pte, 18th Batt. WOR, 226623, Jan. 10, 1917

Moss, Hugh, Dvr, CFA, 343042, Sept. 27, 1918

O'Connor, Roderick Edmund, Gnr, CFA, 40693, Aug. 12, 1916

Pecor, Charles Albert, Pte, 47th Batt. WOR, 219465, Nov. 11, 1916

Richardson, Ewart Mitchell, Gnr, CFA, 40709, Jun. 3, 1916

Rogers, Norman Riddell, Gnr, CFA, 300120, Sept. 22, 1916

Sampson, Amyas Terrell, Lt, RAF, , Aug. 8, 1918

Stoliker, Charles Francis, Pte, 18th Batt. WOR, 124716, Sept. 15, 1916

Street, William Dempster, Pte, 21st Batt. EOR, 455749, Sept. 15, 1916

Street, Vernon, Pte, 21st Batt. EOR, 455794, Sept. 15, 1916

Stunden, Alfred, Bomb., CFA, 40699, Sept. 3, 1917

Teale, Alfred, Pte, 21st Batt. EOR, 59961, Apr. 10, 1916

Tryon, Harry , Gnr, CFA, 40507, Oct. 11, 1918

Turner, Donald Eric, Pte, 54th Batt. COR, 305035, Aug. 8, 1918

Wallace, John Joseph, Pte, 43rd Batt., 3230695, Oct. 1, 1918

Watson, Charles, Dvr, CFA, 40727, Apr. 24, 1915

Also listed on this memorial but need to track down and connect to Gananoque:

Applin, William

Carter, Frederick

Chester, William

Clifford, Norman I

Gibbons, William Harry

Herbert, Joseph

Lee, H

Lloyd, Oscar

Matthews, Charles

Miller, Wilson

Ranger, Ralph

Richards, Bernard

Watson, William L

Wright, Millard

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Borden Battery

Great War Honour Websites - Part 7

Note: CEF Study Group member websites denoted with asterisk "*"


Canadian Book of Remembrance

The Books of Remembrance contain the names of Canadians who fought in wars and died either during or after them. All the books are kept in the Memorial Chamber located in the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill. The purpose of creating a site that displays these books on the Internet is to make them more accessible to the public. Quite aptly named are these testaments to Canada's past, for by their very title they remind us to never forget the foundations of courage on which Canada is built.


The Canadian Virtual War Memorial

This site contains a registry of information about the graves memorials of more than 116,000 Canadians and Newfoundlanders who served valiantly and gave their lives for their country.


The Maple Leaf Legacy Project

A Project in Remembrance of Canada's War Dead. The aim of the Maple Leaf Legacy Project is to photograph or obtain a photograph of every Canadian War Grave of the 20th Century. These photos will be made freely available on the project's web site. The project relies solely on the kind assistance of the hundreds of volunteers and sponsors around the world to get the photographs or to donate funds to help pay for the good work of the project. The Maple Leaf Legacy Project is a registered charity and can issue charitable tax receipts.


Royal Bank of Canada - Great War Honour Roll

A total of 1,495 Royal Bank staff members enlisted for active service. Of these, 186 were killed in action or died in hospital and five were missing in action. After the war, 786 employees were reinstated, while 516 elected not to return to the bank. In 1920, Royal Bank published a Roll of Honour commemorating those staff members who died or were missing in action - this is the main feature of this site.


Assiniboia, MN - Anavets – Unit 283

A simple honour roll listing soldiers from both the Great War and the Second World War. Someone might take interest to research more information on these men.


Montreal Roll of Honour

Honours all Anglo-Montrealers who served in various wars from the Napoleonic to present. The list of those who served with some cases having a link to history/photos/papers of the individual, plus an email address for the writer. This site would enable researchers to contact family/persons with an interest in this person.


Nominal Roll of CEF Nursing Sisters: Killed or Died Overseas in Great War

A simple list of nursing casualties linked to Attestation Papers will be of interest to researchers of the medical elements of the Great War.


Native Veterans Association of Northwestern Ontario

Honour Roll of World War I (1914 -1918) Indian Soldiers of Robinson-Superior 1950 Treaty, Treaty #3, and Treaty #9 that served in World War I.


*The South Africa War Graves Project

The goal of the South Africa War Graves Project is to archive photographs of every single South African & Rhodesian war grave from the 2nd Anglo-Boer War, WW1, WW2, Korea, Rand Revolt, Freedom Struggle, Angola-Border War to present day. These photos will either be in the format of a picture of a headstone or a name on a memorial.


Ypres Graveyard Photos

Website is still under construction but shows much promise both in terms of format and content.


War Memorials, Historic Monuments and Plaques in Nova Scotia

A listing of war memorials and cenotaphs in Nova Scotia, often with photographs.


Brockville Memorial Website April 2005

This web site is dedicated to the memory of those Brockville citizens who served in World War 1, World War 2, Korean War, and U.N. Peacekeeping. Organization of Military Museums of Canada (OMMC) started this project, as an organization who wishes to create a complete online database of all Military Memorials in Canada. It is simple and tasteful with a listing of soldiers and medal recipients.


Port Hope Memorial Website April 2005

This is an on-line version of a book put together, in 1919, to commemorate those who served from Port Hope. Clicking on the book photo will take you to a Roll of Honour, plus some men have detailed bios plus photos. Also a list of nursing sisters from the area plus awards received by those of Port Hope. Very nicely done.


Military Memorials in Canada April 2005

This site is dedicated to cataloging Military Memorials in Canada and is meant as a supplement to the National Inventory maintained by the Directorate of History and Heritage. There is an excellent section on how to photograph Memorials. At present the site is focussed on Memorials in Ontario and is still being developed. The mix of photos and detailed information for the existing entries is excellent. In the future, sites in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick will be added. It is a site well worth visiting and keeping an eye on as it develops.


NEW Zealand and World War One Regimental Rolls of Honour June 2005

The website contains an extensive list of New Zealand regimental histories, embarkation rolls (1914-1919) and honour rolls and decorations for many of the following: Auckland Mounted Rifles, Roll of Honour - Gallipoli, Sinai and Palestine, Auckland Regiment, Canterbury Mounted Rifles, Canterbury Regiment - NZEF, New Zealand Camel Corps, New Zealand Cyclist Corps, New Zealand Engineers, New Zealand Field Artillery, New Zealand Machine Gun Corps, New Zealand (Maori) Pioneer Battalion, New Zealand Medical Services, New Zealand Rifle Brigade, New Zealand Tunnelling Company, Otago Regiment, Wellington Mounted Rifle Regiment and Wellington Regiment.


South Huron District High School - Book of Remembrance Sept 2005

South Huron District High School in Exeter, Ontario has prepared an online version of a Book of Remembrance for the students and staff of Exeter High School who lost their lives in World War I, World War II, and Korea. The portraits of these young men were painted by Harry Burke, a local artist, based on photographs submitted by family members. The bulk of the First War casualties enlisted with the 161st Battalion (Huron's Own), but were posted in drafts to other units.


The Wall of Honour - City of Peterborough Sept 2005

The objective of this project is to have a Wall of Honour erected in Confederation Park in the City of Peterborough. To date they have obtained over 9000 names of individuals who were there to help the cause for Freedom during the First World War, Second World War, and the Korea War. The website includes 152 pages on military medals and decorations, a detailed listing of veteran soldiers in alphabetical order and the start of a photographic collection.

[Recommended by Cordova]


*In MEMORy by Pierre Vandervelden [updated - Oct 2005]

This well-designed website of Commonwealth War Cemeteries, Communal Cemeteries & Churchyards in Belgium & France enables one to inspect these cemeteries and to access basic information regarding a large number of soldiers from the Commonwealth. The main feature is a clever spreadsheet of each cemetery, a summary of nationalities, a photograph of the cemetery and an alphabetical listing of soldiers. The site also contains some beautiful photographs of a selection of regimental headstones.


The World War One Memorial at Osgoode Hall Oct 2005

The memorial website from the University of Toronto includes an alphabetical listing of soldiers including a biography and sometimes a photograph. Altogether about 300 lawyers and more than 200 law students served in the First World War, a remarkable number considering that there was a total of about 1,700 lawyers in the province of Ontario in 1918.

[Recommended by Richard Laughton and forwarded by Chris Wright]


WW1Cemeteries.com Nov 2005

This website site currently contains over 1250 different images of the First World War Cemeteries of France and Belgium, as well as numerous other images of Military cemeteries and memorials from around the world. All of these cemeteries have been personally visited and photographed by the authors over the last six years. The site also contains many other Military cemeteries and memorials from all around the world and features regimental headstone badges, a cemetery index for Victoria Cross recipients, and an index of "Shot at Dawn" soldiers. Again, another well designed and presented website.


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Cenotaph City of Stratford Ontario Canada by Walter Seymour Allward  same sculptor who did the Vimy memorial in France



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There is access to a great number of Canadian Memorials on this site:


National Inventory of Canadian Military Memorials


A great number of those were surveyed and photographed by Private Researchers. In many cases, such as the Milton Memorials that I recorded, the records include all the plaques, scrolls, church, school, Legion and granite memorials.


Milton Ontario War Memorials


This is the Canadian Tomb of the Unknown Soldier:




Unfortunately, the team that selected the Unknown Soldier did not do a secure job (i.e. multiple sites and only one unknown selected), instead extracting the man from the Cabaret Rouge Cemetery from a group that was easily identifiable.

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The thesis is doubtless long completed, but Prince Edward Island's memorial seems to fit the bill.



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